mission statement

CSRSR has vision to implement wide range of objectives through which we can serve the healthcare needs of the society as well as promote the tradition and knowledge of Sowa-Rigpa practice. Our objectives can be briefly summarized as follows:
  1. To preserve and promote the Sowa-Rigpa System of Medicine which was evolved through centuries and generations of practice and essence collection.
  2. To participate/ organize the Continued Medical Education (CME) programs, seminars, lectures, workshops and education exchange programs with the neighboring states and abroad to develop new innovative ideas.
  3. To conduct research oriented programs in collaboration with the scholars of various systems of medicine under Ministry of Ayush and outside of India to share different methods and techniques in alleviating serious endemic diseases and to disseminate useful information evolved from the collaborations.
  4. To cultivate the medicinal plant in its nearest adaptive habitat to prevent extinction of endangered species of medicinal plants.
  5. To receive subscriptions, donations, grants, and acquire/ purchase any moveable and immovable property from govt./semi-govt./ NGOs and individual in the name of society and the tangible and intangible resource received so shall be expand on achieving the aims and objective of the society.
  6. To conduct medical outreach programs and health awareness programs to inaccessible and remote areas where medical facilities are inadequate to none.

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